October 24-28, 2018

2 Rivington St. New York, NY 10002

Work by: Rufus Barkley, Sam Eisenberg, Amina Gingold, Michelle Johnson, Aayushi Khowala, Trevor Munch, Hannah Murphy, Brittney Najar, Leslie Vilicich, Jack Wedge, Mason Wilson

Slicing Burning Boiling is an experimental response to the often exclusive and discriminatory nature of the contemporary art market. Featuring young artists who critically interface with capitalist, Euro-centric education systems, the exhibition disrupts the impulse to create commercialized art by exhibiting highly personal, intimate work. Further, it disputes the abusive correlation between value and labor in art-making. In doing so, it renegotiates the “process” of becoming a successful “artist” and questions the authority of those who have established such boundaries for decades.

Slicing Burning Boiling analyzes the difficult process of identity-making in a commodified art world, and finding solace in what makes us vulnerable and unique. It is an amalgam of undisclosed thoughts, abused emotions and lessened ambitions.

(Photo courtesy: Parasol Projects)